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Turku 14.5.2005

No stealing photos, please e-mail me if you wish to use some (or if there is a photo of you that you wish to be removed). Thank you!

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Another Edward.

Oh my God. There was this tiny little kid who was cosplaying (or who had been forced to cosplay) Ryoga! XD
Normally I don't even like kids, but this one was too much fun.

Prettyness. ♥

Poor Coco, but we just had to put that note in his (or SasUke's) ass. Oh how cruel we are.

Rip and the boss person eating donuts. I believe this is all about this piece of fanart our talented Pu-sama
had drawn. I really liked that Rip but I guess I don't have any more pictures of her.

Cresc's friend and her friend cosplaying Final Fantasy characters.

Quite easily the best cosplay idea ever. XD

A character from GuiltyGearX.

Kyoness. Kyo Kyo!

More Kyoness (I think, I know nothing about Dir en Grey but cresc is a fan).

Our Sasuke found himself a Gaara. Coco, Gaara and Gaara's middle finger.

I officially love this photo of cresc. XD

I feel kind of sorry for these two Yami no Matsuei cosplayers, I'm not sure if they appreciated my
fangirling. XD Tsuzuki and Muraki. The photo's a bit blurry though.

There were guys outside the con place too since it was quite warm inside. On our way back to the con from the shop (had to
buy something to eat) we saw this group of cosplayers dancing and it looked like lots of fun so I just had to take some photos
(and a video clip) of them. :)
Rip van Vinkle, Naruto, Digi Charat character, Rip's boss, etc.

Later we had to find a real place where to eat, and as we had no idea of such places near the con we asked four other con
people if they knew where one could eat over there. They didn't know any better, but we started looking for a place together and
when we finally found Hesburger I took a photo of three of them. (Jani was ordering his food and is not in the photo.)
Cresc, Taivassilmä, Anette, Sini, and Sauli aka ex-Miika.

One more about Sauli! His name was actually Miika or Siikakala, but he reminded us so much of this Sauli we know
that we renamed him.

We found Karasu cosplaying Wolfwood and his friend cosplaying Vash. At this point, cresc tried
to pose with Vash's gun with varying results, and then Vash decided to show her how to pose with a gun.

Of course, cresc doesn't like people telling her what to do.
(Vash, stop grinning like that. It shouldn't be that fun when someone threatens you with a gun.)

A guy and his parody mecha costume in cosplay contest. XD

Taivassilmä took this photo of Coco and his Sasuke bottle, and my God. Why does it look like Coco has breasts? O_o

...And at the train station, a random guy appeared out of nowhere, stole Coco's precious Sasuke bottle and just walked away
despite Coco's yelling. "Gimme back my Sasuke bottle!!" So we set a trap for him; if he came again to get our other bottle, and
surely he wouldn't notice that it's been tied to Coco's leg and won't go anywhere, we would do something to him. Attack or
something, I can't remember what, it was one of those ideas you come up with at 1 am (we were waiting for the train). XD

So, a lot of cosplayers and a lot of fun. I also learnt to dance a bit of Parapara, wohoo~! \o/
(I suck at dancing generally, but whatever.)

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